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This month we are discussing “Fair and Reasonable Reimbursement”.  Would love to have any feedback you might have, as well as discuss how NCN could assist you.

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NCN Takes a Hard Look at Healthcare
The Fifth in a Twelve-Part Series
May 2009

Claim a Better Way

Now, for the first time in the industry, NCN powered by Data iSight can give payers, providers and patients access to the exact same information. This new, patent-pending reimbursement methodology ensures a variety of other benefits to all three parties as well:

Transparent Reporting to all parties facilitates open dialog and builds trust.
Defensible Methods are based on solid data to validate settlements and streamline the negotiation process,
Repeatable Results provide consistency over time and prove the superiority of the solution.
Lower Cost means increased savings for payers and patients on claims of any size.
Efficient Turnaround means providers aren’t kept waiting by the process.
Get Data iSight, the solution that benefits all parties with lower costs, greater savings and more peace of mind.

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What Constitutes a Fair and Reasonable Reimbursement?

Capturing savings in healthcare claims is important. Our rich media presentation, What Constitutes a Fair and Reasonable Reimbursement?<>, explores:


All Over the Map – Healthcare suffers from erratic pricing methods.
*      An Unsustainable Model – Saturated healthcare markets can’t deliver promised savings.
*      An Unbiased Benchmark – Third-party data holds facilities accountable.
*      A Solution in True Cost – Cost-based methods change the trend of rising healthcare charges.

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About NCN

is the national leader in cost management for out-of-network claims. We use cost-based data and transparent reporting to maximize savings on healthcare claims. At NCN, we claim a better way for payers, providers and patients. View a rich media presentation about NCN’s patent-pending cost-based methodology.<>

NCN at AHIP’s Institute 2009

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