Naw, I Want To Pay More Because I Like The Logo On My I.D. Card

Hiding Behind A Logo is a traditional American health care finance method of controlling the irrational correlation between cost of services and goods to end-user pricing while protecting ever increasing revenue streams from public display at the same time.

Changing Logos through competitive bidding by gifting plan assets through contracts negotiated in smoke filled rooms to which you are never allowed to see nor audit is an invitation to get screwed without asking. Rape is a felony.

Despite rumors of his passing, Victor Lustic’s spirit is alive and well in American health care.

SOURCE: About Us – BenefitsDNA

The business of healthcare is broken. Deductibles and premiums continue to rise while wages stagnate causing many people in this country to feel insecure about their coverage. We understand how frustrating it can be to try to understand healthcare and where all the money is going. We have built a better business model. We spend our time at BenefitsDNA researching ways to help our clients get more value out of their health plans without increasing costs. We thoroughly review plan designs, vendors, and every other aspect of your health plan to find opportunities for savings.

There are two potential avenues for helping a health plan: alter the way the plan is funded or fundamentally change the plan to drive down cost, deliver more, and keep employees happy year over year

Data = Results

We have built a diverse team at BenefitsDNA with a specific focus on utilizing data to make informed decisions. Our team includes actuaries and data analysts who provide in-depth insights into how your plan is currently functioning and what the future could potentially look like. Taking these insights into account allows us to identify certain parts of your plan that are not performing as well as opportunities for future plan years.

Our team provides clients with benchmarking statistics on as-needed basis. We speak through these reports with clients to help them understand what similar companies are dealing with as well as how they are handling them.

Philosophically Aligned

Do you know how much money your broker or consultant is making from your business? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely NO! At BenefitsDNA, our philosophy is a bit different – we replaced commissions and behind-the-scenes payments with a transparent fee model. We do this to ensure our success is aligned with your success.

Advocacy & Education

Healthcare literacy is abysmal in the US and to be honest, we can understand why. That’s why we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure clients understand their benefits, how to use them, and how much they might be responsible for paying. In addition to educational material provided to our clients HR teams, we are on call 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that might come up. Our team understands that healthcare operates outside of the typical 9-5 and our clients know that we do as well.

We will never pretend to be the smartest in the room or that we know everything. Healthcare and the regulations that underpin the industry are always evolving. Employees at BenefitsDNA work to stay current with rules and regulations and provide pertinent information to clients as soon as it’s available.

Our Company

We have found that big consulting firms take a cookie-cutter approach to advising companies. Our team is built of individuals with the know-how of the big firms who are dedicated to providing top notch service and innovative solutions for your people.

We will keep you from feeling lost.
We will bring you global knowledge with a local feel.

The US healthcare system and insurance benefits industry has thrived and profited off intentional opaqueness for decades. Our organization has deconstructed every aspect of employee benefits uncovering substantial opportunities for all stakeholders. We are built on a foundation of communication, transparency, and integrity, delivering quality and lower costs with appropriately aligned incentives. Our success lies in our ability to align all aspects of a solution to provide a single, compelling story so that a company’s promise to their employers or members is delivered day in and day out. These principals deliver a unique and winning combination.