National Health Insurance Is Almost Here

The stimulus bill approved by the House and Senate include provisions that lay the groundwork to put a National Health Insurance Plan on a fast track.  Tucked in the bill are “sleeper cells” ready to attack the U.S. health care industry with government “attack dogs” aka bureaucrats, with the power to dictate medical care access to the provider community. A debate on this may have produced a different outcome. It was political genius to hide provisions in the 1,500 page plus bill while stressing an immediate need to pass the bill or “face an economic meltdown and Great Depression” if not passed TODAY.  Even Arlene Spector admitted he did not have time to read the entire bill, and did not know all of the provisions of the bill, yet he was one of three Republicans that voted in favor of the bill. In other words, he voted for abill not knowing what was in it. Go figure. Are all politicians brain dead?