Mulebriar Attends HCAA Meeting


Molly Mulebriar, uninvited and working undercover, attended the 2014 HCAA Executive Forum disguised as a participant. “Mingling with the crowd was easy for Molly, especially during the late stages of Happy Hour” reported Reagan Brucinelli, Mulebriar’s senior media manager.

“The HCAA folks did an outstanding job putting together a great program this year” Mulebriar offered, nursing an early morning Bloody Mary at Starbucks while awaiting her return flight on Friday.  “Met lots of interesting people including some really good contacts in the health care industry.”

When asked to sum up her impressions, Mulebriar, fishing for the elusive olive,  finally opined “This group is generally optimistic about their future. Most see new and exciting opportunities, while a few are struggling to embrace change. The sessions were terrific, with excellent speakers.”