Mr. Sidgwick

By Bill Rusteberg

Mr. Sidgwick: “Self insured plan wants to cap payments made for air ambulances to some arbitrary number, $20,000 for example. Does it matter that this is for emergency care, and is this an essential health benefit under the ACA?”

Bill (pictured above, front row left): “Sir, self funded plans are not subject to essential health benefits. Yes the plan sponsor can do this. And yes, emergency services are an essential health benefit.”

Mr. Sdgwick: “Very good William. You might pass this school year despite your retentive obsession with play-ground shenanigans and your inherent lack of academic discipline!

Editor’s Note: Mr. Sidgwick was my teacher at the International School of Brussels in the mid 1950’s. He was a tough, gruff, no nonsense disciplinarian from England. We feared him. Now we find him, age 200, teaching still, albeit more modern studies. As he imbued upon us in those early years, “Learning never ends……………….”

James Sidgwick served as Deputy Headmaster (1956–69) as well as Headmaster of the Elementary School (1969–88). He was also a Chief Examiner for the University of Cambridge English language examinations for 36 years.