More Employers Are Transferring Specialty Drug Risk

Employer: “Specialty Drugs Aren’t Covered!”

The best way to avoid risk is to eliminate it. That’s what more employers are doing these days with high-cost specialty drugs……………

SimplifiHCA Announces Partnership with Payer Matrix

MyHealthGuide Source: SimplifiHCA, 5/25/2022

SEATTLE, WA – SimplifiHCA announces an exciting new partnership with Payer Matrix, LLC, a specialty drug cost containment company. The partnership is designed to help mitigate the financial risk and growing liability related to high-cost, specialty pharmaceuticals. Payer Matrix joins SimplifiHCA to address the rising costs of specialty medications by procuring alternative funding, and providing substantial cost savings to clients and members who may not have the financial resources to afford the medication they need.

This innovative advocacy model can be implemented and successfully positioned with organizations at any time during the benefit cycle, helping to manage the high (and rising) costs of Specialty Pharmacy.

“Payer Matrix provides SimplifiHCA with another amazing partner who provides substantial savings to participating organizations and life-changing benefits to the members they serve,” says Ken DiBella, Chairman of SimplifiHCA. “Their dedication to service and advocacy for patients is exactly the model and vision we value as a program partner.”

“More than 30 years in the healthcare industry has shown me that paying for specialty medication the old fashioned way no longer works. The proprietary technology we have developed at Payer Matrix is comprehensive, flexible, and a proven cost containment model,” says founder and Chief Business Officer Michael Jordan.

Payer Matrix is the latest to join the team of healthcare advocates at SimplifiHCA and bring another invaluable program offered by the representation firm of industry disruptors.

About Payer Matrix

Payer Matrix, LLC is a Specialty Drug Cost Containment Company who partners with commercial plans, Taft Hartley Funds, and TPAs in the industry to help mitigate the financial risk and growing liability related to specialty drug costs. The company focuses on procuring alternative funding for specialty drugs, providing a substantial cost saving to clients and members who may not otherwise have discounted access to medications they need.

About SimplifiHCA

SimplifiHCA (Health Care Advocacy) is a privately held product representation firm that serves healthcare technology innovators, and is focused on providing TPA’s, stop-loss/MGU’s, hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations, and physician practice groups with the very latest technology tools to reduce health plan and member expenses, and improve patient outcomes. Contact Ken DiBella at 614-581-6221, and visit

NOTE: There are numerous companies like the one in this article that can assist plan sponsors in taming high cost special drugs including CARE2CARE INTERNATIONAL and others.