Money Bucket Strategy Solves Employer Sponsored Health Care

99% of traditional health plans offer no incentives to shop for best prices and outcomes. Doesn’t matter where an insured goes, the same patient responsibilities apply. The same deductible, same co-pays, same maximum out-of-pocket costs.

By Bill Rusteberg

Therefore patients don’t give a damn – instead they treasure the “freedom” to choose where they can go and who they can see, all on Daddy’s unlimited lifetime credit card.

Turbocharged health care costs fuel our current system of health care finance in which supply and demand plays no part at all. Its a system cloaked in secrecy and shielded by machinations among third party intermediaries, hiding behind contracts of adhesion, co-pays, deductibles and well developed lies.

Clueless workers don’t realize they are paying for all of this through lower wages )or no wages at all) – employers make sure this is so since they don’t really care either because it doesn’t matter to them out of which bucket the expense is made.

“Oh No, our health insurance costs are going up again Mildred, so take more money out of the employee compensation bucket and put it in the health insurance bucket. If that’s not enough to balance out our company budget to zero, layoff a few employees and put in a hiring freeze! And oh, by the way, raise the deductible and increase employee’s health insurance payroll deduction by 10%.”