Mike Dendy Announces Launch of AHPA

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Association Health Plans of America (AHPA).  AHPA will be sponsored by Job Creators Network (JCN) an Association started by Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus to assist small businesses.  JCN has partnered with Dr. Tom Price former Secretary of HHS and the primary author of the AHP regulations and legendary business and sports legend Fran Tarkenton for the development and national deployment of an AHP targeting small employers and using the new regulations to place the group(s) upon an ERISA self-funded platform.

AHPA will use many of the concepts discussed so often on Healthcare Benefits Hackers site to reverse the cost curve on employer sponsored health plans.  We see the launch of a totally new type of healthcare initiative as the opportunity for a paradigm shift in the way employers and their members access and pay for healthcare.

Dr. Price, a lead voice in the initiative, asserts that the need for more group coverage options for sole proprietors and groups of less than 100 is critical to American businesses at this time.  Further, as a physician himself, he believes that providers should also benefit from the new initiatives both as client/members and also via more fair trade practices than they often face with the current national payers.

AHPAs investor funding will allow for fast growth with plans of covering 500,000 employees within their first three years of operation.  AHPA will market via JCN and other associations and will also collaborate with local Chambers of Commerce, brokerages, and regional associations.


Mike Dendy


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