Merloch Coins New Term For Reference Based Pricing

Michael Meloch, President of TPAC Underwriters, comes up with a new term for Reference Based Pricing in a Phia Group podcast…………………………..

The Phia Group Announces Two New Podcasts

MyHealthGuide Source: The Phia Group, 11/16/2018,

The Phia Group announces two new podcasts:

Podcast Title: Empowering Plans: P59 – Talkin’ with TPAC

Description: In this “Partners in Empowerment” episode, Ron and Brady enjoy chatting with Michael Meloch, President of TPAC Underwriters and valued member of The Phia Group’s own advisory board. Michael isn’t shy when it comes to diagnosing the issues, boiling healthcare cost containment down to simple basics we can all appreciate, and telling it like it is. His employer based perspective and focus on the bottom line (a/k/a “risk”) is as refreshing as it is informative. Don’t miss this one!


Podcast Title: Faces of Phia: Episode 2 – Not Your “Norma-l” Employee

Description: In today’s episode, our hosts chat with Norma Phillips… our first official “Face of Phia.” Norma explains what makes her different (and special) as well as what makes The Phia Group so unique. From Friday night films, to saving the American workers’ job… Norma and the team touch all the bases.


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