Memorial Hermann vs BCBSTX

Blue Cross contracted hospitals have historically found breaking up is hard to do. The standard BCBS hospital contract is an annuity – hospitals get paid even if they don’t see patients.

Memorial Hermann in Houston is wanting to increase their charges but BCBSTX says No! In fact, BCBSTX wants to pay less than 110% of Medicare on many services we understand. The Houston Chronicle published an article this week outlining some of the demands – it’s worth a read.

February 28 is the deadline before BCBSTX terminates their agreement with Memorial Hermann in Houston along with all Memorial Hermann’s contracted physicians.

We have seen disputes like this in the past and they all run the same cycle: Demands in private and when that doesn’t work one side or the other takes to the air waves to make their name calling public. As the deadline approaches the tone of the air waves softens to a Love Song of devotion and oaths of fealty forever as the two sides hold hands exiting the wedding chapel.

Important Update on Ongoing BlueCross BlueShield (BCBSTX) Negotiations | Memorial Hermann