Meet Bind – Health Insurance For Companies

With Bind, costs and choices are transparent and easy to compare. There is no deductible or coinsurance to meet before the plan starts contributing, and members can change and shape their coverage as their health needs change.

Powerful simplicity, in design and experience

We formed Bind by asking people—a lot of people—what was missing from health care and what they wanted from their plan. Their answers? An affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand health plan. We built Bind around this feedback, redesigning health insurance as the benefit it’s meant to be for you and your employees.

How it works

The Bind solution is available to self-funded employers nationwide, and beginning in 2021, on a fully-insured basis to employers in select states. Our clients range from family-owned companies in rural locations to Fortune 100 employers with expansive workforces.

We provide value to clients through price transparency and coverage clarity, plan flexibility, access to a broad national provider network, easy implementation and—compared to traditional out-of-pocket deductible plans—the potential to save.

  • Fewer barriers: We removed deductibles and coinsurance from the equation. Members don’t have to chip away at “meeting” a deductible or figure out the fuzzy math of cost-sharing coinsurance, so your health plan works for you from day one.
  • Control: Members know costs before they seek care, not weeks later. They can compare—and choose—cost-effective options, paying less for providers with lower direct costs, lower risks of complications and higher rates of effectiveness.
  • Flexibility: Members can activate additional coverage, any time, for less common, plannable procedures—like a knee replacement. We separated this coverage from coverage that’s automatically part of the Bind plan to keep costs down across the board.

Whether coping with a chronic condition or welcoming a newborn, members can tap into the full power of their benefit when they need it.

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