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The Problem

Health care and hospitalization costs have soared far beyond what most people can cover on their own. Even with insurance, with increasing deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills can leave you with debts you can’t cover.

If you’re in medical debt, you’re far from alone. One study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that more than 43 million American adults have had problems repaying medical debts.

It’s important not to run away from a medical debt or fail to deal with it quickly. Otherwise the consequences can be financially devastating to you and your family.

Medical debts take a while to show up on your credit report, but when they do, they can be as damaging as a default on your mortgage. You should take whatever steps possible to avoid your debt going into collection, which can seriously undermine your credit worthiness. A single medical debt in collections can harm your credit score by as much as 100 points

When tackling medical debt, you may have to deal not only with doctors and hospitals, but also with your health insurance company and even an army of debt collectors. Some medical establishments are quite aggressive about collecting debts and may even sue you or try to convince you that you can’t seek further medical treatment if you owe them money.

Once you’ve taken on a medical debt, you should treat it just like any other debt. If you cannot afford to pay off your medical debt, it’s time to seek professional assistance in settling your debt for less than what is owed. Otherwise unpaid medical debt can stop you from receiving the best lending options on new loans, costing you extra money in interest.

You should start the settlement process as early as possible, before your health care provider turns the debt over to a collection company. A collection agency has significantly less motivation to settle than a doctor or hospital would. If you take no action your bills will go into collections which could affect your credit score.

The Solution


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