An add-on service providing Reference Based Pricing legal support for possible balance bill escalations or litigation…………………

6 Degrees Health Launches MediShield 2.0: PEPM Legal Representation with no Thresholds

MyHealthGuide Source: 6 Degrees Health, 10/9/2021

Portland, OR – 6 Degrees Health is proud to announce its newest product offering, MediShield 2.0, an enhanced add-on service that provides legal support for possible balance bill escalations or litigation. MediShield 2.0 is a PEPM legal product designed to step in when a resolution cannot be reached during the balance bill negotiation process. MediShield is available in all 50 states, provides full legal representation of the member, does not require the claim to be in collections, and provides defense in litigation regardless of the amount of the balance bill (i.e., no balance bill is too small or large). It’s affordable legal representation with no thresholds.

“Our new robust legal product is another step in our master plan to resolve balance bills by providing patients with access to nationwide independent legal counsel, regardless of the amount of the bill, and without any thresholds whatsoever. We are confident that the new product will eliminate patient anxiety and uncertainty that often accompanies balance bills so that employees can focus on living healthy productive lives,” stated Bonita Hatchett-Bodle, General Counsel, 6 Degrees Health.

6 Degrees Health knows that not every balance bill requires the help of costly legal counsel. The company built its business on partnering with providers to deliver equitable and transparent healthcare reimbursement. Unfortunately, some balance bill negotiations do need legal representation to gain an affordable solution for the employer. 6 Degrees Health recognized this need and designed MediShield 2.0 to provide that legal support and to complement their suite of reference based pricing (RBP) solutions.

For more information on MediShield, please contact Heath Potter, Chief Growth Officer, at, (503) 640-9933 Ext. 1102, and (971) 762-1406 direct.

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