Medicare Plus vs High Value PPO Network

Increasing pressure from rising medical costs and the looming Cadillac Tax are pushing employers to consider innovative options to manage their Health Plans.

Two of todays most talked about options are Medicare Plus repricing as a replacement to what are often nominal PPO savings, and implementation of a High Value PPO Network. Both have their strengths and potential detractors: Medicare Plus options offer dramatic savings on medical bills, but also the very real risk of patient balance billing.  The High Value PPO provides significant savings based on contracts with providers typically established using a percentage of Medicare – however, these are narrow networks limiting patient access to select providers.

Either option can be successful, but it depends on the goals of the employer in managing Health Plan costs as well as employee satisfaction.

If you’re interested in learning more about these options and/or need assistance in determining which may be the best solution for you or your Client’s Health Plan, please contact Corte B. Iarossi, VP, Sales & Marketing for United Claim Solutions, at 866-762-4455 x120 or