Medicare For All Already Exists

We have Medicare for all already………………………………………..

The waiting period is 65 years. Unlike commercial insurance we are required to pay “premium” during the waiting period and beyond. Quite expensive “insurance.”

Now as I understand it there is a movement to allow elimination of the 65 year waiting period for immediate coverage without the requirement of paying 65 years of premium up front.

Democrats say it’s long overdue. Republicans  say it’s socialized medicine. Medicare members say it’s unfair. Medical caregivers say it’s unworkable. Undocumented persons don’t care.

But at the end of the day the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is that it takes Republicans just a little longer to get there. Medicare members, medical caregivers and undocumented persons don’t count.

All of this may be decided in 2020. When I mean “decided”, I mean single payer will either be adopted or postponed until 2022 or 2024. If the polls are any indication, (The Associated Press: AP-NORC Poll: Democrats Are Trusted More On Health Care………….The Hill:  Americans Trust Dems More On Health Care: Poll) “decided” means sooner than later.

– Bill Rusteberg

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