Medicare Benefits For All – The Bernie Bongo Plan

By Molly Mulebriar

There is a lot of talk these days about “Medicare For All.” If this is such a good idea, and will “solve” the nation’s broken health care delivery system, why not change your current employee benefit health plan to mirror Medicare benefits and payment schedules?

Democrats should like this approach, especially doctors and hospital administrators who are Democrats. After all, Democrats in Congress, unified in lock step are singing the Medicare For All theme song these days lead by Bernie Sanders on the drums.


Hospital deductible is only $1,316 per benefit period with $0 co-insurance for the first 60 days of continuous hospital stays (If you need to stay longer you will probably die before you leave the hospital so no worries).

The deductible for doctor charges is a measly $183 per year with 80% plan payment to providers.

Reimbursement Levels

And the best part? Limit the plan’s reimbursement levels to Medicare allowable charges! On average these charges are 2/3 less (and more) than a typical PPO allowed charge, bringing tremendous savings!

A Win Win For All

Everyone wins. The vast majority of medical caregivers take Medicare payments these days so they should not complain.

Plan sponsors will save as much as 50% or more over current health care spend.

Plan members will rejoice with lower deductibles and less out-of-pocket. And grandma and grandpa will approve since they use those damn benefits as often as they can.

Additional Savings

Even more savings can be realized. No longer would a plan sponsor have to worry about employee complaints.

Hey Jones, stop complaining – your mother has the same coverage so you should like it too. Besides, the United States Government through your representatives approve of Medicare!

No need to pay for claim audits, legal defense against balance billing, PPO network access fees, broker fees, consultant fees, and other fees that drive up the cost of administering a typical employer sponsored plan.

What About Balance Billing?

What about it? Deal with it Jones! Start shopping, comparison pricing like you did for that bass boat you bought last summer. Remember that? You drove to Florida to buy the damn thing to save a few dollars! You’ve been bragging how much you saved on your boat, let’s see how good you really are!

It’s Time For Plan Sponsors To Take Action & Adopt the Bernie Bongo Plan

Thanks to the ACA, health insurance has become more of an individual responsibility than an employer’s moral responsibility. Plan sponsors are not mommy and daddy with an unlimited credit card to pass out to employees. Isn’t it time to simply say “I give up! Let’s simply do what the government is doing for our parents and grand parents. What’s good for them should be good for our employees too………..

Let’s all dance to the beat of the Bernie Bongo……………………..

Editor’s Note: Mulebriar is a free lance reporterette from Waring, Texas.