Medical Tourism – A Booming Industry

With the passage of a national health care plan will come health care rationing and long waits to see a doctor. Certain surgical procedures will require governmental approval and months if not a year or more wait time to have the needed surgery. Such is the nature of socialized medicine as evidenced in Canada, United Kingdom and other countries that have embraced the socialized medicine concept.

Physicians in the United States will be mandated to accept 110% of RBRVS through the govenment plan and will be required to see patients who participate in the socialist program. Since it is estimated that 62% of all United States physicians are over the age of 55, we suspect that many will retire early leaving an even greater shortage of physicians in this country.  With an estimated 50 million additional health care participants covered, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that health care in this country will be necessarily rationed and waiting lines will be long.

These are undeniable facts.

What we expect to see is the rapid rise of competitive health care schemes for those able to seek and pay for care in other countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Singapore. High quality care is available overseas with costs as low as ten cents on the dollar as compared to fees charged in the United States.

It is estimated that over 1 million Americans will seek health care in other countries in 2009, up from approximately 500,000 in 2008.

We are currently working with several overseas organizations to help facillitate access to quality health care in Mexico, Costa Rica, India and Singapore. We are finding that some of our clients are willing to look at this option now, and we expect this interest will grow once Americans realize what “free” socialized medicine really means to them personally.

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