Medical Loss Ratio Restrictions Will Kill Insurance

IHC Group
Say ‘No’ to Medical Loss Ratio Restrictions in Health Bill

An early-morning vote Monday means the Senate health care bill could face a final vote as early as December 24th. Certain portions of the bill are problematic for our industry, in particular, the manager’s amendment that would increase mandatory medical loss ratios (MLRs) to 85 percent for large groups and 80 percent for individuals and small group.
We encourage you to contact your senators today. Please read this message from the National Association of Health Underwriters, and contact your senators using letter that appears along with it. Simply fill out your information and click send. 
While we know this is a busy week for many, we must respond quickly. Sending this letter will only take a moment and will make an important impact on your future. Please take action before December 24th.
Thank you for your continued support and for vocalizing your concern regarding issues that affect our industry.

Jeff Smedsrud
The IHC Group fully insured operations

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