Medical Debt In Texas

By JEANNE PINDER, the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts. She worked at The New York Times for almost 25 years as a reporter, editor and human resources executive, then volunteered for a buyout and founded… More by Jeanne Pinder

In partnership with the award-winning KXAN News investigative team, we at ClearHealthCosts researched medical debt in Texas, and its effects on ordinary people. The investigation began with an anonymous tip. The more we investigated, the more we learned that the scope of the problem is vast in Texas alone. The work won a regional Murrow award in May.

Here is the KXAN Medical Debt work, documenting how medical debt lawsuits have hit hundreds of Texas residents, and prompting questions from lawmakers. In response to a callout to Texas residents, we received a wave of responses from Texans who wanted to tell their stories.

SOURCE: We won! We won! Our KXAN partnership won a national Murrow prize for excellence in TV innovation – ClearHealthCosts