Medical Community & Cash Pay Centric Health Plans – An Eternal Love Affair

Most Americans are insured through their employer’s health plan. The problem is most employers don’t treat healthcare like they do every other purchase. Those few that do reduce their costs by as much as 50% while improving benefits at the same time.

They know the cost of health care has remained essentially static for the past 15 years or more while the cost of health insurance hasn’t. They know because they took the time and effort to educate themselves as to the true cost drivers of health care enabling them to take corrective action.

They took the time and effort because they are the only employers that truly care about their employees (and their bottom line).

Cash Driven Health Plans is a common sense strategy that benefits plan members, plan sponsors and medical providers. We have found medical care givers are accepting <120% of Medicare rates and in some cases <100% of Medicare for cash.

The contrast is stark. Your insurance premiums reflect pricing well above 200% of Medicare rates. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply common sense.

Cash pay plans save a lot of money, so much money a plan sponsor can eliminate all patient responsibility and still save a lot of money.

Medical providers are paid in full at the time of service by the plan, not the member. Providers don’t have to worry about chasing patient responsibility. They don’t have to file a claim either. And for the patient there is no balance billing issues to worry about.

We call these plans a CPO.

Cash pay centric health plans coupled with strategic alliances with primary care physicians is the immediate future of health care financing. And it’s insurable. is a specialty company in the benefits market that, while not an insurance company, works directly with health entities, medical providers, and businesses to identify and develop cost effective benefits packages, emphasizing transparency and fairness in direct reimbursement compensation methods.

The shared vision of and clients who retain our services is to establish and maintain a comprehensive employee health and welfare plan, identify cost areas that may be improved without cost shifting to any significant degree, and ensure a superior and sustained partnership with a claim administrator responsive to members needs on a level consistent with prudent business practices.

Plan costs, in all areas including fixed expenses and claims are open for review on a continuing basis. Cost effective plan administration and equitable benefit payment to providers are paramount to fulfilling our mutual fiduciary duties. As we proactively monitor and manage an entire benefit program we are open to any suggestions members may make or the dynamic health benefit market may warrant in order to accomplish these goals.

Duty of loyalty to our clients, transparency and accountability are essential to the foundation of our services. To that end, we expect our clients to realize a substantial savings based upon the services that we will deliver.

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