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Medical Care Consultants, Inc. (MCC) provides High-quality, low-cost, convenient healthcare that saves companies, employees and their dependents money on medical claims costs. MCC will provide a turnkey employee health clinic on or near site and is an “ADD-ON” to your current medical benefit program with NO PLAN CHANGES required.  With accessible and affordable care companies can save as much as 20% on their overall medical claims cost.

We will finance the start up cost to establish your employee health care clinic.    See

What We Do

We establish and manage employee health centers for companies and public entities. Our model is completely customizable to fit the needs of your employee population. Our model will provide convenient, high quality care that will translate into real cost savings for both your company and your employee’s.

MCC will provide you with an employee health center that will get improved employee productivity, health, satisfaction and retention.

Client Service

The customer service experience is our top priority. Our patient centered approach will result in your employees receiving the health care they deserve. We will assist employees by being good listeners and providing more than is expected. Our staff will identify and anticipate your employee’s needs, alleviating doubts and offering cost effective options.

Medical Care Consultants, Inc. (MCC)

By focusing on appropriately caring for a patient, MCC’s model will ultimately lead to lower medical expenses and a healthier population. This will in turn reduce patients costs, and allow the payor to reduce overall medical expenses while continuing to earn a profit, ultimately saving money for both the company and employees. With proven results and high capacity systems technology, we have the capability to serve the needs of small and large companies.

The Process

Our methodology, successfully employed by large employers, is centered on use of employer-contracted medical health centers that provide primary care and wellness programs for employees and their families. In some cases, the health centers are actually situated at the company’s main worksite. In others, they are located and readily accessible offsite. Plans are designed to encourage use of the onsite health center. Employees are attracted by their reduced out-of-pocket costs associated with use of such health centers and more convenient access to primary care. Employees still have the freedom to use other providers for their medical care if they choose to incur the higher co-pays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs involved with that choice.

In areas where this strategy has been implemented, cost savings have been impressive. Sizable hard-dollar savings have been realized from lower costs for primary care visits, fewer visits to hospital emergency rooms and fewer specialist referrals. Onsite access to care has increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism and enabled earlier intervention through onsite capability for disease management and patient education. Governmental bodies have already implemented this risk management strategy, with first year claims costs savings of 10%-20%.

Provide us with the details of your current plan and we will provide you with a FREE analysis.

Medical Care Consultants (MCC)

•Decreased medical costs for self funded plans

•Access to care

•Value to employees


•Adaptive to new markets


•Resiliency to inflation and increasing medical costs

Benefits of MCC Employee Health Centers

• Simplicity.


• No Start up costs.

We will finance the start up cost to establish your health center.

• Improved Access to Care.

Employees can receive primary care services in a timely manner.

• Proven Results.

MCC routinely secures substantial savings for our clients while increasing overall quality of care.

• Employee Makes Decision.

With an MCC clinic employees have a choice on where to receive care. MCC will educate employees on the benefit of the onsite health center.

• Free Analysis.

We provide a free analysis showing you potential savings before implementing.

• No Changes Required.

We work with your existing program.

• We Are Your Fiduciary.

We always act in our clients’ best interest.

• No Ties.

Our recommendations and design options are entirely impartial and are always based on the best interest of you, our client.

Savings for our clients is between 10% – 20% of medical claims costs

“The overall evidence to date indicates that a return on investment (ROI) for an on-site health center (OHC) is realized within one to two years. In addition various reports indicate that OHC’s can save $2 for every $1 invested, while other data promise even higher savings of $3 to $6 for each dollar spent.”

– National Business Group on Health

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