McAllen ISD Reaches Out To 1,462 Insurance Consultants


“The District invited one thousand four hundred sixty-two (1462) vendors to submit a proposal and six (6) vendors responded.”

Amazing stuff – who would have guessed there were that many licensed insurance consultants in the state” – Molly Mulebriar

The McAllen Independent School District (MISD) went out to bid for an insurance consultant in October 2015. Four proposals were received. Gallagher Benefit Services was the recommendation from staff to the Board of Trustees. The trustees decided instead to rescind the RFP process and rebid in an effort to get more than just four responses.

In the second go around, the MISD received six proposals, two more than before, a manageable number to consider.

Thank goodness all 1462 didn’t respond. Imagine the work staff would have had to do in the evaluation process!

A Simple RFP Alternative Approach?

If you are a political subdivision and need the expertise of a qualified insurance consultant but you just don’t have the time or patience to seek a  competitive RFQ, then Edinburg Independent School District may well have done the work for you. See Edinburg ISD Ranks Ten Insurance Consultants

The MISD Board Briefing 11 January 2016:

BACKGROUND INFORMATION/REASON FOR BOARD CONSIDERATION: On November 30, 2015, the Board of Trustees rejected all submittals for Request For Qualifications No. 2015-099 – Insurance & Employee Benefits Consulting Services to allow for the opportunity to increase vendor participation.

ADMINISTRATIVE CONSIDERATIONS/FACTS AND ANALYSIS: The District invited one thousand four hundred sixty-two (1462) vendors to submit a proposal and six (6) vendors responded. At the time of this writing, all of the proposals received are being evaluated; therefore, the award information will be presented under a separate cover.

Editor’s Note: Insurance consultants know their market. Before they put themselves out in the public domain (RFP reponses are become public information) they carefully review the past history of the prospective account in an effort to determine the politics and their chances of winning. Others, as a routine business practice, never respond to public RFP’s and instead rely on referral business only. In the case of MISD it appears from the low response rate that market intelligence may have suggested to many a less than a reasonable chance of acquiring this account.