McAllen Independent School District Seeks Reference Based Pricing Vendor

The McAllen Independent School District in deep South Texas is seeking competitive proposals for Reference Based Pricing plan administrator. Sources say the district is facing increasing health care costs and seeks to adopt a Reference Based Pricing plan option to offer in addition to their current PPO plan.

Included in theMcAllen ISD RFP:
The District has approximately 3,200 benefit eligible employees. It is estimated that 1,100 employees
would migrate from the traditional Preferred Provider Organization (“PPO”) plans to the referenced-based pricing plan.
The District is developing a benefit plan based on a referenced-based pricing model for hospital services and is seeking proposals for reference-based pricing administration services. Since this plan will be a stand alone, services shall include access to a network for professional providers, as well as other administration and related services (e.g., Claims Administration, Provider Negotiations, Provider Network, Condition Management, Centers of Excellence, COBRA, Customer Service, Enrollment Services, etc.
This RFP is specific to the single referenced-based pricing benefit plan being developed. This RFP does not include services for administration of the non-reference based pricing PPO Plans. Proposals should include illustrated costs and return on investment. Any estimated savings, performance or other guarantees included in any part of the proposal should be specific, quantifiable and should include a method for validation
 Submittals shall be received no later than 3:00:00 PM local time, Wednesday, July 11, 2018 via