MAS Announces New Health Insurance Plan That Makes Sense

BriarRe, in a strategic partnership with Mulebriar Administrative Services (MAS), has announced a new self-funded platform for group sponsored medical insurance plans. Central to the philosophy behind the vision expounded for years by Molly Mulebriar is the assumption that health insurance is not, and never was, intended to replace core American values and tradition American business practices.

The new program has been test marketed in San Antonio with select employer groups who successfully passed the Mulebriar Character & Personality Exam. A grade of A+ was a basic pre-requisite for program entry.  Successful candidates were CFO driven as opposed to HR driven in their decision making processes. High level of risk tolerance, strong management structure, ability to think out-of-the-box, corporate flexiblity to make mid-course changes as needed, and a strong backbone are essential elements to the profile of the Mulebriar client base.

Actuarial studies indicates that health care costs reduce in excess of 40% using the Mulebriar approach to health care. Benefits are enhanced overall to gain greater credit for actuarial considerations through proprietary risk management techniques.

Health care cost transparency is essential to the model. As part of scheme, Plan members are empowered to select any provider of choice on a cash basis, using a pooling source of funds available through an  electronic interchange.

TPA administration is $25 pepm. The TPA receives no other source of revenue thereby eliminating all potential conflicts of interest. Stop Loss cover is issued on a participating contract basis through several platforms available to the Plan Sponsor.

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