Managed Care – Cat Is Out of The Bag

catoutofbagBy Molly Mulebriar

The best kept secrets of managed care are no longer the industry’s best kept secrets. The cat is out of the bag,

Plan sponsors, those who have pulled their heads out of the sand,  are taking action. For these employers, lack of a plan of action is viewed as compounding their failures as plan fiduciaries. Looking the other way is not an option.

Yet we still find managed care intermediaries continuing to  insist upon maintaining the status quo. “No” they say, “we cannot and will not let you review our hospital and physician contracts, it’s propriety, it’s our secret and you should just accept that as the way it is, Ok?”

“No, we don’t accept that, your fired!” has become a increasingly familiar market response.

What are the secrets that are driving continued cost increases the health care industry doesn’t want you to know? Ask your broker/consultant. They should know. If they don’t, find another broker/consultant who knows and who is willing to share. Actionable information will enable you to save +25% or more on your medical spend next year.