Lucent Health Signs Strategic Alliance with The Phia Group

lucentLucent is ensuring that the Plan Sponsors they serve will be provided the best fiduciary protection and objective, final appeals handling in the industry.

MyHealthGuide Source: Lucent Health, 10/15/2016,

Nashville, TN — Lucent Health (@LucentHealth), the leading Healthcare Risk Management, Administration and Advisory Services company, announced its partnership with, The Phia Group, LLC, one of the health benefit industry’s leading cost-containment and self-funding consultation firms.

The partnership is focused upon implementing the Plan Appointed Claim Evaluator®, or “PACE” program across Lucent Health. The Phia Group will use its legal and analytical expertise to handle final, internal appeals as a fiduciary representative for those appeals on behalf of Lucent Health and its Plan Sponsor clients.

“Our partnership with The Phia Group represents our continued focus and investment in reducing our clients’ risk by ensuring an objective and legally vetted assessment of each plan. This in-turn will provide the industry’s best known appeal process,” said Alex Arnet, Chief Commercial Officer for Lucent Health.

The strategic alliance between both firms is effective immediately.

“With Lucent Health selecting The Phia Group’s PACE service, Lucent is ensuring that the Plan Sponsors they serve will be provided the best fiduciary protection and objective, final appeals handling in the industry. Lucent Health’s commitment to controlling plan costs and protecting plan assets is clear, and we are thrilled to be a key part of that commitment,” said Adam Russo, CEO and President of The Phia Group.

About Lucent Health

Lucent Health (@LucentHealth), based in Nashville, empowers US employers by dramatically reducing their healthcare risks and costs while improving employee access to innovative healthcare services. Lucent Health developed a highly advanced risk-reduction solution for self-funded healthcare groups and continues to lead the industry revolution with its reference-based pricing, e2 MEC/MVP, and captive products, while serving over 140,000 members and processing $600 million in transactions annually. Contact Mark Stephen Ware at, visit www.lucenthealth.comand follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and FacebookSubscribe to the latest Lucent Health news.

About The Phia Group

The Phia Group, LLC, headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, is an experienced provider of health care cost containment techniques, offering comprehensive claims recovery, plan document and consulting services designed to control health care costs and protect plan assets. The Phia Group’s overall mission is to reduce the cost of plans through its recovery strategies, innovative technologies, legal expertise, and focused, flexible customer service. The Phia Group has become one of the most innovative and fastest growing cost containment firms in the nation, and is a pioneer; setting the highest standards in the healthcare marketplace. Contact Tim Callender, Esq., at 781.884.4031 and