Lowering Medicare Eligibility To Age 55

Lowering Medicare eligibility to age 55 will have a significant impact of health care financing in this country. Turbocharged cost shifting to commercial health plans will spur into action those employers still sitting on the managed care fence and give Reference Based Pricing strategies new life…………..

Lowering Medicare eligibility to age 55 would increase total number of beneficiaries by 40%.

Medicare share of total U.S. health care expenditure will increase to more than 30%.

Cost shifting will impact commercial health plans as providers will want to recoup lost revenue.

Medicare enrollment would increase from 18% to 25% of the U.S. population.

Managed care plans will facilitate cost shifting while Reference Based Pricing plans won’t making the later increasingly attractive to cash strapped employers.

Medicare is government mandated price control of healthcare.

Reference Based Pricing takes advantage of government price controls as a basis for calculating provider reimbursement rates.

Both are arbitrary and have little or nothing to do with supply and demand.


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