Low Cost Software Tool for Medicare Reimbursement Strategies

rbrvsNeed a low cost Windows solution for creating and managing Medicare and other RBRVS based fee schedules?  Try RBRVS EZ-Fees…….

Since 1998, RBRVS EZ-Fees has helped thousands of health care professionals simplify the Medicare payment formula. With a few clicks you can create medical fee schedules without government downloads or complicated formulas. Most users have mastered our software in 5 minutes!

RBRVS EZ-Fees is a low cost, easy-to-use (Windows) software program that creates and analyzes physician payments using Medicare’s RBRVS (Resource Based Relative Value Scale). All US localities RBRVS is not just for Medicare.  According to the AMA, RBRVS is widely used in non Medicare medical reimbursement including managed care and private insurance.

Our customers include: physicians and other providers, office managers, insurance companies and other providers (HMO, PPO, TPA, PHO, IPA), CFOs, CEOs, CPAs, consultants, state and federal agencies, medical societies, associations, payers, billing services, accountants, actuaries, lawyers, life care planners and other healthcare professionals.  RBRVS EZ-Fees comes with all *CPT / HCPCS codes, descriptions, unit values, GPCIs, conversion factor (CF) preloaded. *A licensed AMA CPT product.