Lionel To Partner With Lisa?

The Lisa Plan, an employer funded cash driven health plan strategy, is considering a partnership with Lionel to provide timid brokers and plan sponsors with sleep insurance designed to allay fears of the unknown. No longer will Lisa Plan members wonder and worry if their plan will be accepted by medical caregivers.

The RBP wrap component of The Lisa Plan would be replaced with a PPO benefit under this strategy.

Plan members will have two choices at the point of service. If a provider refuses to accept an immediate cash payment funded through the patient’s employer-paid debit card, this dual option strategy assumes providers will eagerly accept a PPO Security Blanket I.D. card by filing claims on behalf of the member as they have done with confidence over the past 40 years of managed care.

The former eliminates all patient financial responsibility while the latter subjects the patient to certain out-of-pocket expenses such as silly deductibles and co-insurance features common to PPO plans. Those expenses can be as high as $9,100 per single coverage or $18,200 for family coverage.

As beneficiaries of Lisa’s and Lionel’s collaborative effort members will have a choice between FREE and NOT SO FREE health care while providers have a choice between INSTANT CASH or CHASING MONEY.