Limited Benefit Plan Skirts ObamaCare Requirements

Redacted Email received this afternoon:

Are you tired of worrying about what health care reform will do to your business?  We can help!  Our defined benefit plans are exempt from the new regulations.  Guarantee issued, group size as low as 2, and you don’t have to worry about MLR issues.  Your client can even name their own price, and we will configure benefits to match their budget. 

 Please visit us at TMed Plus

Editor’s Note: Mini-Med plans are popular with certain employers, like McDonalds. Under ObamaCare, these plans must meet certain requirements, such as increased plan limits. Many cannot afford the cost of a comprehensive health plan. A defined benefit plan, like the one above, accomplishes the same thing as mini-med plans but are exempt from the long reach of government Obamacrates. At least that is the claim made by the TMed Plus Plan.