Like Your Insurance? You Probably Wont Be Keeping It

By Neal Boortz @ March 31, 2011 9:17 AM 

“You probably won’t be keeping it. That’s a prediction from Joel Ario, who oversees these health exchanges for the Department of Health and Human Services.

He believes that if the government exchanges turn out to be better and cheaper than private options, then employers will simply “dump” employees into the government plan. Ario says, “If it plays out the exchanges work pretty well, then the employer can say ‘This is a great thing. I can now dump my people into the exchange and it would be good for them, good for me.'”

This is not an unexpected consequence. This is the PLAN. This is ultimately what the progs want to happen .. employers dump employees into government options, rendering private options obsolete. Before you know it, the government is the only provider of health insurance.

You’re just going to love that, trust me. “

It been a great run in this industry, and thankful that I am the tail of my career.