Legislative Exhaustion in Austin

I read the latest version of SB1444 this morning (which I suspect will pass) and noticed a change: Regional Education Service Centers to be required to oversee a survey of districts in their service area. Section C is interesting:

Each regional education service center established  
  under Chapter 8, Education Code, shall establish a regional school
  district health coverage advisory committee to conduct a study
C)¬†¬†whether, in obtaining the alternative, some  
  or all of the districts in the region should jointly seek health
  coverage under that alternative as a group.


Who is pushing C? Why is this in the bill as it appears contrary to the supposed intended effect, i.e., bill of adhesion favoring TRS ActiveCare?

Last few weeks have been interesting to watch with all the vested interests jockeying for position behind the curtains. Yesterday was particularly interesting with legislators up until the early morning hours. Tempers on edge, grumpy lawmakers are on the verge of exhaustion. In the fog of confusion and lack of clear thinking anything can happen.

Bill Rusteberg