Lawyers Get Sued Too

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Zurich’s Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program offers Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions coverage to the following segments of attorneys: Law firms with attorney count of up to 100 attorneys; solo attorneys; part time attorneys and moonlighting attorneys.

Part time attorneys are defined by their working fewer than 27 hours per week. Moonlighting attorneys are defined as having full-time employment not practicing law and spending less than 25% of his/her time in private practice. Both part-time and moonlighting attorneys are limited to practices involving only solo attorneys.


Law firms (part-time attorneys, moonlighting attorneys, solo practitioners and law firms up to 100 attorneys)

Ineligible risks:

Law firms engaged in patent law, tax shelter work or investment counseling

Submission requirements:

A completed Zurich Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance application, available upon request for contact from

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance coverages offered:

Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions, with the following Extensions of coverages:

  • Supplemental payments to reimburse an insured for time when appearing at trial/mediations
  • Disciplinary proceedings coverage
  • Subpoena assistance

Additional attorney professional liability insurance program highlights

  • Zurich’s longstanding commitment to providing Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance coverage
  • Broad definition of legal services
  • Various limit and deductible options
  • Claims are handled by former practicing attorneys who understand a lawyer’s needs
  • Convenient
  • Coverage for past attorneys and staff for work done on behalf of the firm
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free extended reporting period coverage for an insured in the event of total disability or death
  • Free extended reporting period coverage for an insured who becomes a state or federal judge
  • New attorney discount
  • Innocent insured coverage
  • Reduced pricing for part-time attorneys
  • Reduced pricing for moonlighting attorneys
  • Loss prevention hotline and website

Coverage limits:

  • Up to $10 million per claim and aggregate.

Admitted or non-admitted paper:

  • Admitted