Lawyer Discovers ObamaCare Gold

gold rush
The 2015 ObamaCare Gold Rush reaches fever pitch………………………….

Lawyers are critical thinkers. They are trained to grasp a 40,000 foot view before drilling down and dissecting the details.
With the passage of the PPACA, employers as well as the medical community find themselves struggling to understand and comply with this complex law. A recent series of discussion points in a blog  we visited today  reveals the excitement and opportunities seen through the eyes of a second career lawyer:
Lawyer: Regardless of how you feel about PPACA and Obama, I encourage lawyers everywhere to consider a career in health care compliance. Just think of the fees we can charge! Or the new job opportunities that will be created to cater to small businesses worried about complying w/their law.
W/50 states – that means 50 individual exchanges all w/different laws. This could be the rain making opportunity that will last for years to come.I am not being sarcastic. In fact I am dead serious. Granted, I know nothing about health care compliance but the field has been turned upside down today so that means the barriers to entry should be lowered for anyone interested in breaking in.Personally, I was initially upset w/the decision but decided that the best thing to do w/broken eggs is to make an omelet. I encourage other posters here to develop possible angles to work – either as solos consulting w/small business owners to people looking to work for a govt regulator or back office at a large corporation

Response: I think you are on to something. Becoming an expert in Obamacare law will be a cornerstone to future affluence. I would make every effort to carve out your compliance niche now. People are going to be wildly confused when this really kicks in.I don’t think it will be repealed. Healthcare compliance will always be big.
Lawyer: I was talking to a doctor friend today. He said that he doesn’t know what to do.
I saw the $ signs light up in the reflection of his glasses. Health care consulting aimed at private medical practices. The new practice area for solos.
Editor’s Note: Lawyers, insurance agents, CPA’s and others who deal in the day-to-day world of employee benefits will thrive as “Compliance Officers” in the coming years. See  Your ObamaCare Advisors – Simplifying Complex Concepts