Lawsuit Accuses UHC of Looting Employer Plans

“UnitedHealth Group treats all of the plans it administers as one huge piggybank, moving money around as it sees fit……………….”

“A pair of workers enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare insurance plan have filed a class-action suit claiming the healthcare giant took more than $1 billion annually from employer plans for ‘cross-plan offsetting.’ …

The plaintiffs aim to block UnitedHealth from continuing to use cross-plan offsetting ‘for good.’ The plaintiffs in the latest case argue that the practice has been deemed illegal under [ERISA] by several courts and has come under fire from the [DOL].” [Scott v. UnitedHealth Group Inc., No. 20-1570 (D. Minn. complaint filed Jul. 14, 2020)]

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses UnitedHealth of ‘Looting’ Billions from Employer Plans Through Cross-Plan Offsetting