Kraft Heinz vs Aetna…..Why Now?

Kraft Heinz Sues Aetna Health Insurance Company… Why Now? Kraft Heinz claims that Aetna inappropriately administered their employee health plan since 2012.

Kraft Heinz claims Aetna did not provide adequate claims data, engaged in ‘Cross-Plan Offsetting,’ and Charged the Plan for ‘Repricing’ Out-of-Network Claims in a deceptive manner.

But WHY NOW? Why is Kraft Heinz bringing this lawsuit now? A Possible Answer is the Unique Situation at Kraft Heinz:

1. New Head of Benefits who is an industry veteran

2. Kraft Heinz is run by a Private Equity Firm with foreign executives

3. Kraft Heinz stock has been performing poorly

4. The Kraft Heinz CEO is not a member of the Business Roundtable that Aetna, Cigna and Elevance are members of