Jody Bright Explains What He Does For A Living

Jody Bright At Work Defeating The American Health Care Monster

By Jody Bright

In answer to a question posed by a fellow on his Facebook page, what we each do I replied the following:

“This is what we do: I engineer hardcore alternative medical plans for hardcore employers who want “off the merry-go-round”, targeting 50% savings over current market plans with virtually no “trend” increase, while providing a premium plan benefit to employees. And, they accomplish all this themselves in cooperation with like-minded employers, escaping the current, government-driven, dynamic of economic ruin that has evolved over the last four decades.”


Jody is an independent consultant in Austin, Texas working with TPA’s, stop loss carriers, brokers and self-funded plan sponsors having started in the business almost at the very moment Tucker Carlson began breathing on his own.