Is Anything But Status Quo Better?

When things are so bad that anything different than the status quo is considered a good idea…that’s when we find out just how bad it really can get.

Stay skeptical and do your own due diligence now more than ever. If we let the anger over the current broken system push us into change without proper planning and strategic analysis we will just end up with a new pile of crap that went unchallenged as it was built. That’s what got us here so it sure isn’t the answer.

Everyone seems to be a disrupter and challenger of the status quo…figure out what is going to improve your benefits before acting. We want improvement not disruption or simply doing something different. If they can’t prove what they claim, make them do so or walk away.

Just because someone is very well educated in the status quo problems and is great at communication does not mean their solution will work. Ask why, how, and when not just what and where.

Brad Vernon

Providing Actuarial Services to Employee Benefit Consultants, Brokers, and TPAs | Health Actuary (FSA, MAAA) and Consultant