Listserv Group Discusses Santa Claus & Single Payer System

Politicians act the way they do because Santa Claus is here and here to stay………..

Interesting comments by two members of an insurance listserv (Names have been changed to protect the guilty. The following conversation has been redacted and taken totally out of context to encourage liberals, who are by nature naysayers, into a group think mental state of over-confidence and complacency):


You mention single payer knocking at door.   Is there an increase push in that direction?   I recognize single payer has always been out there but was thinking ( maybe false hope ) that this threat  might have lessened with the general political shift to the right.


I believe the opposite is true. Polarization has never been greater than now. ObamaCare is failing as was the original intent. No one is happy with it, including Republicans and Democrats, consumers and providers.
Now I believe we are seeing the beginning of Phase 2, a concerted push for a single payer system. Supporters will be 100% of all Democrats, 15% of all Republicans, 100% of all hospitals and 95% of the media. The Santa Claus tactics of the past will carry the day in 2018 and beyond if the disorganized Republican party continues to be so. Voters will elect politicians who give away free stuff.


Remember Romney when he said towards the end of his campaign, “I will put Americans back to work!” Well, too many Americans don’t need to work, have no desire to work, as long as they continue to get free stuff. You could hear the mob screaming “Hell No, I don’t want to work. I’m voting for the guy with the free stuff!”


Once a single payer system becomes fact, I am positive you will find 100% of Republican politicians turn in favor of it. It will be exactly like the year Medicare was debated and passed by a very slim majority. The Republicans screamed it was SOCIALIZED MEDICINE and completely against their principles. Now you can’t find one Republican politician against Medicare, a mood change due to an extreme epiphany.


See how easy it is for politicians to change their core principles? That’s the power of Santa Claus! Santa Claus is here and here to stay.


Intersting perspective.   What this says is a lot of people have given up and raised the surrender flag.  In many ways… can’t blame them.  At the end of the day this comes down to greed.  Too much greed.


Yep, I woke up this morning, took two Negative Pills chased by the worst whiskey money can buy.

My only friend is my dog whom I have been drinking with since sunrise. By midnight tonight I am sure we will both have solved our country’s health care crisis. I will memorialize our findings tomorrow morning after a few martinis followed by a generous dose of quaaludes.