Individual Health Insurance vs Group Insurance

Adios Group Insurance 

“Instead of employers purchasing insurance plans on their employees’ behalf, they should give their employees pre-tax cash in an HRA, with which employees can purchase ACA-compliant plans”

“If employers instead gave their employees pre-tax employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) cash to purchase their own [ACA]-compliant insurance, and save any residual as after-tax income, the market would respond vigorously to these employees’ preferences by offering more innovative, cost-effective plans, along with improved transparency and the navigational aids needed to choose them.”

“Instead, they delegate this function to their Human Resource (HR) staff, who in turn select a plan that is acceptable to the CEO’s family—a stratagem known as “CEO’s Partner’s Plan” because it is designed to limit complaints from the partner. But the CEO’s plan is likely not one that a woman who heads a family and earns $50,000 a year would choose”