HR 3962

Health Care Reform Bill presents 10 major problems: (1). The Bill lacks meaningful ways to control health care costs, (2). The Bill sets the nation up for even worse deficits and crushing nation debt, (3). There is no support for evidence-based medicine, (4). There is no independent commission that could help Congress make the decisions to eliminate wasteful and harmful treatments and spending, (5). Bill does nothing to correct medical liability problems, (6). The Bill does not expand employers’ ability to help employees actively engage in wellness activities or achieve health goals, (7). There are serious questions about the public option and how it would operate , (8). It opens ERISA plans to unacceptable burdens, (9). The Bill requires employers who are currently covering retirees to continue new and current retirees indefinitely, (10). Employers that provide comprehensive health care benefits could still be subject to an 8% payroll tax if employees decline coverage because it costs more than 12% of their income.

Editor’s Note: This was taken from Editors Desk, 8 December 2008 edition of Employee Benefit News.

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