How To Stretch A 10 Second Decision To Infinity

A True Story

Take a ten second decision where everyone wins and nobody loses to a political subdivision then start your stop watch. You will be amazed how long a 10 second decision actually takes.

As seconds tick by and seasons change millions of dollars are wasted, sucked into a black swirling vortex never to return again. Listen carefully. Do you hear that roaring sucking sound?

Our stop watch has been ticking for 518,400 seconds and growing by the second. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three……………..

As seconds tick by battery life fades. So do opportunities to solve health care.Now Bill, please explain that idea one more time, the one you brought to us some months ago, something about how we can improve benefits and lower costs at the same time without interfering with existing relationships” asks an elected official.

O boy, what joy! Here we go again. Despite numerous meetings over numerous months with the powers to be the process starts all over again. Hermann Ebbinghaus was right.

“That’s a great idea Bill! Everyone wins, no one loses. Why aren’t we doing this?” In the back of the room a small voice bleats “Because we have to go to bid and the Board of Trustees must approve it and before that happens we must have a meeting with our insurance committee followed by a board member workshop. And by the way I’ve discussed this with our consultant and he’s against it!”

Such is the world of conducting business with public entities.

“The difference between strong leadership and weak leadership is one acts quickly and decisively while the other doesn’t, if at all”