How to Control Group Health Insurance Costs

Avid readers of this blog know the real answer to the anguished question CFO’s often ask when their insurance broker brings in the bad news, i.e, renewal , “Why are my costs going up again!”

It is not an aging population, new and expensive technological advances, cost shifting from government plans that drive medical trend – that is the agreed explanation that brokers, insurance companies and medical providers conspire to convey to ignorant consumers. 

Medical costs are going up because consumers let them and insurance companies and third party administrators are more than happy to assist. Insurance companies dont care what medical costs are – they simply pass 100% of the cost to the consumer, taking a cut as premium dollars are funneled through the system.  The higher the costs, the more third party intermediaries make in lucrative fees.

Since we have studied health care costs for the past four years, learning as much as we can and talking to as many people as we can, we have learned the truth about what drives health care costs. No doubt about our findings – volumes of documents back up the research. Insider information gleaned from talkative industry representatives including retired hospital administrators, industry lawyers and former managed care executives have laid bare a vast conspiracy.

Attempts by this writer, and two others of like mind, to publish articles exposing this vast and pervasive conspiracy in national publications have failed. Advertisers hold sway over editorial decisions it seems.

How to control group health insurance costs?   

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