How One Texas School District Revolutionized Healthcare for Schools

Tired of waiting for the Texas legislature to act in addressing crippling health care costs affecting hundreds of thousands of Texas educators, in 2019 the Raymondville Independent School District in deep South Texas decided to act.

They had three goals in mind: 1. Better benefits, 2. Lower rates, 3. 100% of all full time employees to be covered. They achieved all three goals.

Raymondville ISD is now entering their third plan year with no rate increase or benefit reductions since starting the plan in September 2019.

Officials of the Raymondville Independent School gave a presentation at the September 24, 2021 txEDCON TASA / TASB convention in Dallas about how their little rural public school district solved health care.

Presentation Overview

  • How did Raymondville ISD become the first Texas school district to offer an alternative to TRS ActiveCare Group Health?
  • What is driving increases in the cost of Group Health Coverage?
  • How do Raymondville ISD’s strategies control the cost of healthcare?

See presentation here:


Texas school districts considering opting out of TRS ActiveCare would be wise to look to Raymondville for advice and guidance.


Texas School District Lowers Healthcare Costs While Improving the Quality of Care

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