How Much Was Your Ticket?

Imagine next time you board a flight to Muleshoe Wyoming. You settle in comfortably, the plane takes off and all is good.

Next thing you know, the fellow next to you decides to strike up a conversation.

FLORIDA: “Hey Bud, I can’t believe what this flight costs over $800! Can you believe it?”

VERMONT: “What have you been smoking! My ticket only cost $300!”

Then the fellow from Texas sitting behind says “Holy Cow my ticket only cost $200! What the hell is going on here?”

Suddenly the entire plane is in an uproar. “Mine cost $79” screams the lady in the back from Vermont.

By this time a quiet fellow in the nice suit with matching tie calmly gets up and announces “Attention, I am a Professional Plane Organizer (PPO) specializing in managing travel for clueless travelers like you all. Through the powers of large numbers I can get you tickets to Muleshoe for a steep discount of 80% off of whatever price you’re initially offered at the ticket counter! I can even get you bigger discounts when prices increase. GUARANTEED! And we cover almost all the airlines. All for a monthly subscription fee of $17.89.”

“Hey, that sounds great! Sounds just like my medical plan. Sign me up!” shouts the lady from Vermont.