How Breakthrough Technology Is Revolutionizing Medical Underwriting

For the underwriting process, the insurer receives detailed patient information at high resolution, from the questionnaire answers to results from specific lab tests. This data is used to completely personalize the insurance product, whether for pricing and actuarial purposes, underwriting, or management of the lifecycle of the policy and claims management. MPCheck supports a fully tailored approach to health insurance, and a completely different and more effective mode of risk management.

We are consulting with reinsurer Swiss Re Israel about how to build out our operational processes, improve their efficacy, and how MPCheck can be integrated by insurers to support smoother, faster underwriting.

With the help of Swiss Re, we developed a smart digital health declaration that enables us to analyze and summarize the patient data in the most effective way, shorten the process for the patient and insurance company, and also improve the process between insurance companies and reinsurers.

We are currently completing a successful pilot with an insurance company for the underwriting process, with excellent results. We reduced the average processing time from weeks to a few days, and achieved high satisfaction from patients, insurance agents and insurance companies alike. 86% of insured patients preferred the MPCheck process over the standard health screening.