Hospitals Boycott Cost Plus Group – A Classic Case of No Cajones?

“After several teachers in the Mason City Schools had trouble getting medical care, the district waffled Tuesday on whether it would abandon the controversial TrueCost health care plan.”

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Editor’s Note: This could be a case where the Hospitals Win and Consumers Lose. Cost Plus requires employer committment and resolve. It takes a strong set of Cajones to prevail. Otherwise it fails.

INSURANCE CONSULTANT – This is what happens when you don’t have your back end covered before you do this by having a legal team in place and informing the patients of their responsibilities

PHYSICIAN  – This is the result when there is a change in the system.  People don’t like change, especially if it means they have to pay more.  This sounds like they didn’t do a very good job of explaining the new plan and identifying a process for the transition.  And then you have a school district with unions……need I say more.  Employees are going to have to get used to less choice in their health care or be willing to pay more.  This insanity cannot continue

SAN ANTONIO EMPLOYER  – I am discouraged by the school spokesperson’s comment, “It is not our responsibility to alter the way health insurance costs, claims and bills are paid in the health care industry in Cincinnati.”  I think the taxpayers in that school district might have a different opinion.