Hospital Negotiating Strategy – You Need Us More Than We Need You


AMARILLO, TEXAS — Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas will not be accepted at Northwest Texas Hospital by the end of the year.

Northwest’s CEO Kyle Sanders says he’s dropping the contract because the insurance carrier won’t allow the hospital access to all their services for patients.

He says by ending the contract, he hopes it will force Blue Cross back to the negotiating table soon.

“To date, they’re happy with the way it is and they don’t have any intentions and we’re hoping that the action taken, that maybe they’ll rethink their network position.”

Insurance spokesperson Margaret Jarvis says she believes an agreement can be reached. “We believe both parties should strive to reach a win-win and contract negotiations, so what we plan to do is continue working with them to reach an agreement before January if possible.”

If no new contract is signed, Northwest will stop accepting Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Texas on January 1st.