Hospital Fair Share Spending

“Recently we asked a not-for-profit hospital for a copy of their Financial Assistance Policy. Instead they directed us to their website where, they said, we could find all we needed to know about their Financial Assistance Policy. We did, and it didn’t. So we asked the hospital a second time for a complete copy of their Financial Assistance Policy. To date they have not responded. So, it’s been over 30 days now and it’s time to file a complaint with the proper federal authorities to remove their not-for-profit status. They can’t have their cake and eat it too” – Bill Rusteberg

The following article was posted on Linkedin by Doug Aldeen, Attoney at Law

Hospital Fair Share Spending

BY Judith Garber | March 30, 2022

Nonprofit hospital systems receive billions in tax breaks each year. How many of them are giving enough back to their communities in the form of charity care and programs to improve health?

Join us April 12 as we reveal which nonprofit health systems spend the most — and the least — on meaningful community benefits, and discuss the results with health experts and policymakers.