Hospital Administrator Morphs Into Insurance Sales

See hospital administrator morph into an insurance broker before your very own eyes…………….From Hospital administrator to power broker in under five minutes…..

Hospital administrators are usually agnostic when it comes to recommending insurance policies to the general public. That is, of course, as long as they are in-network with their carrier partners.

In this instance, a hospital administrator goes on the record with a Texas school district by recommending the district enter into a contract with Aetna. The hospital and Aetna have partnered up to offer a competitive program with lower out-of-pocket costs for plan members. How? By lowering their hospital reimbursement rates and adding exclusivity to the equation to drive patients to their hospital. This is called competition.

We wonder how the other carrier partners of the hospital feel about this. They may scramble over to the other hospital in this two hospital town to cut a similar deal. This is called competition.

Hospital administrators can be power brokers as demonstrated by theĀ  one in this video: Go to 1:40:25 to see her five minute spiel.